Thursday, December 18, 2008

How far the blog has come

I can remember when a journalist once called blogging a trend for online-diary schoolgirls that was already on the way out. That was early after the turn of the century. It never fails to shock and delight me how some people are so fixated on the way things are that they steadfastly refuse to even acknowledge the way thing can be.

Certainly not my first blog, but I'll begin it the way I always do, and did even when I kept written journals in the late 80's (graduating to digital versions in the 90's, on 3.5" floppies), with a bland introduction.

Normally I'd keep seperate blogs for seperate issues (technology, politics, entertainment, etc) but I think it's just easier to collate everything into one place, and this seems just as good a place as any (better, perhaps). I've been Twittering and micro-blogging a lot more in general, and 140 characters, or so, sometimes just isn't enough. So here we go.

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